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Storm-Water Drainage
If your property floods after a heavy rain, you need a solution.

We will inspect your property and advise you of what that solution is.
The solutions could range from  underground piping to regrading the property. 

Retention pond restoration is important because if your pond doesn’t drain, your property will flood. Heavy or dead vegetation will stop your pond from draining. Restoring your pond to it’s original design and regular maintenance will ensure low cost drainage.

If you accept our recommendations and use our  service, the advice is free. If not, we will charge a  
nominal fee for the consultation.
So don’t delay, call today. 

Vacuum & Jetting Service
Weather conditions in Florida can cause serious damage to your property with storm water       backups.
During the dry seasons, leaves, sand and other debris collects in the storm catch basins and settles in the pipes between each basin. When it rains, this debris causes backups.

Backups could lead to flooded parking lots, ultimately flooding building foundations and causing damage to your property. In some cases, the weight of the backed up water can cause pipe separation, undermining the ground or pavement. More importantly, yearly maintenance is a requirement of all county and municipal agencies. 

Sanitary Sewer & Septic Services
A backed up mainline or clogged toilet can be a major inconvenience, not to mention, a big mess. Not only will it cause damage to your floors, carpets, and walls, it can be a very unsanitary situation.

Regular maintenance is needed to keep your sewerage flowing freely. Snake your lines and or pump out your septic tank at least once every three years.         

If the property is used as a rental property, you may want to service it more frequently. Tenants have a habit of putting anything and    everything down the drain. The most common blockages are caused by grease, feminine      products, diapers, toys and      sometimes clothing. Don’t wait to back up.

Lift Stations
A lift station is a very important utility for a shopping center, office complex or apartment complex. When a lift station goes down, so does your sewer system.  It is a mandate that all lift stations have a maintenance agreement with an authorized service agent to check the function of the control panel and pumps. This is done with a monthly check of the system to  include checking the panel, the current to the pumps and visually inspecting the basin to see how heavy the grease and solid content is.  Semi-annual or annual cleaning of the lift station is a necessity to ensure a trouble     free system.

Don’t wait for code enforcement to cite you.